Sunday, 21 January 2018

Ice Fishing and Winter Festival in Seoul and Gangwon

Photo Credit to Korea Tourism Organization

There are a lot of activities you can do in Korea in January to February 2018.
most of the festival location is in Gangwon-do ( around 2-3 hours by bus). 

1) Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival  ( until 28 January 2018 )

They have ice fishing, bobsleigh, snow sledding. I have been there twice.

You can buy a  discounted day trip ( entrance fee + bus trip) from Klook:

If it is your first purchase from Klook you can download their app and key in
"mobile10" for further discount. If you have AirAsia Big Account, you will get 300points
upon sign up.
Include your AirAsia Big id and you will also entitle  4points for every 1USD
purchase from Klook.

Alternatively, you can also purchase a combination of  activity Hwacheon and Ski Resort from Trazy : 2018 Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival & Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort 1 Day Package (Jan 6~28)

2) PyeongChang Trout Festival until 25 February 2018.
If you missed out Hwacheon, don't worry PyeongChang Trout Festival is available
until the end of February.
I just watched the last episode of Master Key which one of the mission was ice fishing.
The trout is  so big that it almost cant fit the ice hole! 

Ice fishing fee: 13,000 won 

From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Jinbu (진부).
(Intervals: approx. 30-40min)
Odaecheon Stream is a 7-min walk from the Jinbu Bus Terminal.

You can also purchase the bus package with an English speaking guide from Trazy:
Pyeongchang Trout Festival Bus

3) 2018 Jeongseon Icicle Festival ( until 25 February 2018 )

Photo credit to :

When I see Jeongseon, I can only be reminded of  3 Meals tv show lol.
How are you Taecyeon? Hope you are doing fine in your military camp.
Hottest will wait for you hehe. I think the 3 meals village is becoming shooting spot
when Master Key also doing their mission there.

This festival seems fun with a lot of snow. I don't have any further info but judging
from the photo available HERE it will be the same activity eg ice sledging, ice fishing.

4)Daegwallyeong Snow Festival ( until 22 February 2018) 

Photo credit to Korea Tourism.

The activities include snow carving and snow sledding.

Reference and activity details: Visitkorea

5) Go Go Gangwon shuttle bus

You can take the Gangwon Shuttle bus specialized to the foreigner.  It is limited and it is as early as 7.30 am. I miss the bus on my 2nd-time visit to Hwacheon as some family member woke up late and when we want to grab a taxi , the taxi driver does not know the shuttle bus location. ( even when I show him the Hangul address) . Afterwards, we took the local bus from bus Terminal which is way more expensive than the shuttle bus. ( Last time the shuttle bus is 10,000 won return).

You can also use Gangwon Shuttle Bus to go to the festivals ( no.1 until no. 4) by signing up at their website. Seats are limited ,first come first serve basis.

Gangwon shuttle bus :

6) Ski Resort - Vivaldi 
Well if you are a drama fan. This ski resort is featured in Legend of Blue Sea. This is the nearest resort from Seoul ( 1 hour travel) 

Vivaldi-park-snowy-land-day-tour-seoul/ bus and entrance fee.

The resort also prepares a free shuttle bus for the foreigner : 

P/s if you are Goblin drama fan- their drama location is Yongpyong Resort, Gangwon.
Yongpyong Ski Tour

Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink 
Photo credit to Korea Tourism

If you don't have enough time to travel to Gangwon, you can just go ice skating at Seoul Plaza. 
It is only 1000 won per hour including skate rental fee. However, it is also popular with local. It might be overcrowded in the weekend.

Nearest subway:
City Hall Station (Seoul Subway Line 1, 2), Exit 6.
Gwanghwamun Station (Subway Line 5), Exit 5.

Euljiro 1(il)-ga Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 1 or 8

8) Ttukseom Hangang Park Sledding Hill -Seoul
Photo credit to Korea Tourism

You can experience snow sledding, snow park, rotating swing, air bounce, unique bike, 3D theater, folk game experience, bungee experience, making an arrow, smelt catching, magic show, themed exhibition

General admission: 6000 won ( below 3 years old free of charge)

Nearest subway  :

Ttukseom Resort Station (Seoul Subway Line 7), Exit 2 or 3.

Tips :
Necessary item for winter travel

1. Heat Pack / Handwarmer
You can buy this at Daiso before you travel. Once in Seoul, you can purchase it at any convenience store  ( GS25,7-Eleven). It also comes with a sticky type which you could stick it to your long john/ heat tech. I still remember Kwangsoo got so many heat pack stick on his shirt during one of Running Man episode. 

It is useful for your handphone too.
Handphone will run out its battery faster in winter.
You can use the heat pack and place it in the same pocket with the mobile phone so it can perform normally.  ( sticky type might leave some stain so I prefer the nonsticky type for the phone) 

2. Appropriate shoes. 
It is advisable to wear non-fabric shoes as if it snows the shoes will get wet.
I read you can also use waterproof spray but usually, this spray is flammable and over 100 ml which mean you cant check-in or hand carry it. Well, you can buy at the travel country and leave it there lol. 

If you are going for ice fishing or place with heavy snow/ icy road ( like Hokkaido) you can buy the ice cleat/traction cleat. 

Photo credit to 11street.

3) Appropriate hand gloves
To avoid taking off your gloves to take a photo, please buy the one with touch screen sensitive ( available at Daiso). For Samsung user, you can also go to the setting-> control and enable increase touch sensitivity. 
There is also a special design glove which allows you remove the finger cover only.

Photo credit to Lazada

Monday, 8 January 2018


If you are a fan of any FNC idols , you should come to FNC WOW Celebrity Space.  FNC idols consist of FT Island, Cnblue, AOA, NFlying while other famous actor and comedian are Yoo Jae Suk, Guk Joo  and the cute Jung Haein ( Woo Tak from While You Were Sleeping)

Snippet from my live feed

You can order customized FNC Artist Latte ( 6000 won - hot/ 6500 iced) only available for idol. 10% off if you are the official fan club member. They will also hands out to you 1 photo card. I got Aoa Jimin. For the latte art, I choose you Jonghyun! Thank you for being friendly with our Jaebumie in the jungle. hehehe

There is a cnBLUEberry cake...haha clever!

FNC Wow is located on the top level of Boots Building in Myeondong. Just go straight from the exit 6 in front of Uniqlo and walk towards Myeongdong Theater.

How I wish JYPe have one cafe like FNC and SM, it will the best place to exchange your pc or idol birthday celebration lol.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

O'sulloc Tea Museum and Innisfree Jeju House

The initial plan was to take the tourist shuttle bus 820 but due to short of time, I took a taxi from Hello Kitty island to O'sulloc. Both O'sulloc and Innisfree Jeju House close at 6pm.The fare start from 2800 won . Total trip: 6600 won

I just scan the museum quickly and sadly the observation deck was under renovation. I just spent my time at the cafe.

Total damage: 13000 won

The must-have is the green tea ice cream and special customize drink only available in the Jeju with red bean base. They have other branches in Insadong Seoul and by coincidence, I also saw another branch at Lotte World Mall

That is not a chocolate but a tea bar

Just next to O'sulloc is the Innisfree Jeju House. 

urm ok.....

You will see a green tea field nearby.

The best thing to do here will be the DIY soap.
You can select 3 kinds of soap choice related to Jeju Island; volcanic pore, green tea and tangerine.
The cost is 15000 won but it comes with 3 soaps ( you can share it with your friends). It will be great if one bag comes with all 3 types of soap but of course, they want you to spend your money. I was seated next to a family during the soap making process, I regretted it now, I should just exchange one of the soaps with them. ( they chose volcanic)

You just need to follow the step by step instruction on the ipad.
The original form
You can stamp your name onto the soap

Leha X Innisfree lol ( I should have done it better)

The store also offers "only in Jeju product" and cafe.

looks delicious but I  choose my  sugar investment at O'sulloc cafe

Address :15, Sinhwayeoksa-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
제주특별자치도 서귀포시 안덕면 신화역사로 15
Reference :

The bus to Jeju bus terminal is just across the road from O'sulloc entrance.I took  Bus no. 150 ( 2000 won)

Hello Kitty Island Jeju

In the past, I always visited Hello Kitty Cafe in Incheon before boarding so I could not help to visit this hello kitty. Just because they are cute and lovely to look at.

My first stop- the toilet lol
what a purrfect Christmas Tree

Hello Kitty Cafe is at the 2nd floor. Therefore you still need an entrance ticket even if you just want to go to the cafe.

Hot Chocolate -4500 won

what a cute backpack collection 

Address :340, Hanchang-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
제주특별자치도 서귀포시 안덕면 한창로 340

I took the tourist shuttle bus 820-1 ( course route inclusing O'sulloc) from the Dongwang Transit Center. Take bus 150-1,150-2, 181,182 from the airport. Use T-Money only (1150 won per ride)
Reference :

Entrance fee :  Adults 12,000 won / Teenagers 11,000 won / Children 9,000 won
You can get discount if you buy the ticket online from Trazy :
Hello Kitty Island Jeju Discount Ticket
Adult : 9,900 won ( USD 9.9)

Saturday, 30 December 2017

3 hari ke Pulau Jeju bersama AirAsia X

Kalau tak kerana dapat tiket rm199 memang tak pergi ke Pulau Jeju. Tambahan lagi dpt fly pada penerbangan pertama AirAsia X (12.12.2017) macam2 barang percuma yang dapat.
Kalau ada kesempatan sila cuba sekali naik penerbangan pertama mereka ( inaugural flight). Tapi tak janjila mmg ada barang free sebab I bukan staff .Kebiasaannya mereka akan menawarkan harga promosi sehala yang murah.

Sampai di Klia2, staff AirAsia sudah sedia untuk bergambar dengan para penumpang.

Sebelum berlepas, bekas menteri YB Rafidah Aziz ( juga salah seorang orang kuat AirAsia) memberi setiap seorang penumpang goodie bag. Flight patut berlepas 6:40am disebabkan semua nak tangkap gambar dengan sign "Jeju and Im coming" dan amik goodie bag flight kami bertolak  7am +

Dalam goodie bag ni terdapat pelbagai produk Innisfree.Innisfree adalah jenama komestik organik yang berasal dari Pulau Jeju.

Tak cukup dari itu pihak Airasia X belanja satu kapal terbang pula dengan muffin gula melaka.Sedap!

Tetiba plak AAX nak bagi manisan percuma bila I dah pilih untuk maximize meal semata2 nak makan aiskrim. lol. Hidangan utama yang dibeli ialah Kimchi beef fried rice - urm biasajelah. Bila maximize meal akan dpt Pasta + Kitkat dan Aiskrim Haagen Dasz

Sebelum mendarat pihak AirAsia telah menganjurkan kuiz berkenaan Pulau Jeju. Hadiah hadiah termasukla set Innisfree ( lagi) , Big points ( i nak yang tu), dan hadiah utama tiket ke Jaipur ( juga salah satu penerbangan yang bakal dilancarkan pada 2018).  Semua orang dikehendaki menekan butang call untuk menjawab, peserta yang terpantas akan dipilih untuk menjawab soalan. I tak cukup pantas nampaknya. Soalan utama: Berapakah ketinggian Gunung Hallasan?  yang menang ni alahai budak cute lagi siap dpt bagi jawapan tepat lagi. Katanya nak pergi dengan mak atau ayah ke Jaipur.

C.EO AirAsia X - Benyamin Ismail
Kami mendarat dengan pancuran air bomba -pernah terbaca ianya salah satu adat dalam dunia penerbangan untuk  menyambut penerbangan pertama. (mungkin konsep baptis kut eh ni teori i je  jap lagi kata syirik plak lgpun ni pihak sana yang buat)

Keluar je pintu, ada lagi dpt goodie kali ni dari pihak Korean Airport Association

selimut santa

Sebab I tegar bawak handcarry 7kg je, jadila org terawal keluar ke pintu arrival, tgk dekat luar ada lagi orang tunggu dengan goodie bag. Sebab I keluar awal sangat dorang pun terkejut macam ni betul ke orang dari flight Kuala Lumpur??  hahaha tp mereka bagi jugak goodie bag. Kali ni dari pihak Jeju Tourism. Siap bagi limau Pulau Jeju lagi.

Memang terasa amat dialukan2 untuk melawat ke Pulau Jeju. I pilih duduk di Yeha Guest House Ianya berdekatan dengan Terminal Bas Pulau Jeju. Mereka juga menyediakan halal kitchen yakni utensil khas untuk Muslim. ( tp sebelum ni mengikut pengetahuan asalkan bilas dengan air dah cukup suci dah untuk pakai) tp orang dah sediakan pakai jelah. Dalam kabinet tu siap ada kicap dan maggi ( dari pengunjung2 terdahulu). Guest house ini juga menyediakan Yeha bus tour dan 10% diskaun diberikan  untuk yang  menginap di guest house. Harga tour dari 99,000 won. Kalau duduk guest house lain pun boleh beli tour ni ( sesuai untuk orang yang memerlukan guide english dan mempunyai kekangan masa)
Klik gambar untuk melihat harga bilik yang ditawarkan

Staff akan bagi password untuk unlock mangga

Sebenarnya ini kali ke2 I ke pulau Jeju selepas  beberapa tahun dulu ( first time ke Korea melawat pakai pakej tour Seoul -Jeju). Untuk first timer 3 hari dengan bas awam mungkin tidak cukup untuk melawat keseluruhan Pulau Jeju, lebih baik sewa kereta atau ambil pakej bus/ van /driver private tour.
Untuk naik bas awam memerlukan kemahiran membaca dalam bahasa korea ( tiada notis dalam ABC)jika anda tidak tahu nombor bas. Walau bagaimanapun difahamkan pihak tourism telah mempertingkatkan operasi bas untuk Free Independent Traveller , boleh menggunakan T-money (sama seperti di Seoul) , frekuensi bas yang kerap dan perhentian di umumkan dalam bahasa Inggeris.
Anda juga boleh bertanya nombor bas pada staff di terminal.
Untuk rujukan

Kalau yang boleh baca hangul bole download applikasi Jeju bus. Boleh seach nombor bas dan perhentian bas yang berdekatan. Kali ni masih sewa pocket wifi dr Travel Recommends Guna promo code aft16 dapatla diskaun rm20. Pocket wifi ni hari ke3 pun masih ada bateri separuh lagi. Padanla dengan saiz dia kut...
dekat Seongsan Ilchubong tp bolehla lupa nak buat live bila dah ada kat atas tu haha penat sgt 

Masa sampai suhu 2'c dan ada snow halus2 ( kalau nak snow tebal kena pergi Hallasan dan sekitarnya)

Sebab dah pernah pegi Jeju makanya  I pergi kat tempat2 yang belum pernah pergi sahaja. Yang Seongsan Ilchubong ni repeat kali ke 2 sebab cantik.
1. Jeongbang waterfall  ( Air tejun terus ke laut)

2. O'sulloc Tea Museum dan Innisfree Jeju Store
Kat Seoul pun ada O'sulloc n Innisfree tp di sini ada view ladang teh dan produk terhad istimewa di Jeju sahaja

3. Hello Kitty Island ( rindu dulu2 ada cafe ni kat Incheon)

Boleh beli tiket entrance dengan diskaun dari Trazy :Hello Kitty Island Jeju Discount Ticket
Tunjuk emel je dan mereka akan scan barcode. Harga asal 12,000 won (USD 12) harga diskaun : USD 9.90 = 9,900 won.

4. Cafe de Suyeon ( Lokasi  rumah Architecture 101)

5.Seongsan Ilcubong ( Unesco Heritage)

6.  5 days market

7) Jungang Underground ( tax free) sejuk2 baik pergi sini shopping. Ala2 myeondong underground

Banyak penerbangan murah Pulau Jeju- Seoul kalau nak melawat Seoul atau balik dari Seoul. Akan mendarat di Lapangan Terbang Gimpo.
Dengan pembelian tiket Rm60 merasalah naik Eastar Jet. Eastar jet siap air kosong lagi.

Itulah penamat trip tahun 2017. Selamat tahun baru 2018 !. 2018 ada beli tiket Alor Setar dan Penang rm20 pergi balik Kuala Lumpur kita tengokla jadik pergi atau biar burn sahaja.ish ish