Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Drama : While You were sleeping Miniso and Year End Award

I am watching Korean Drama"While You Were Sleeping" .Tomorrow will be their last episode. I really hope everyone survives. Happy ending, please.

Every drama has a product placement to fund their production. Big respect to Subway because every character in most dramas will eat lunch at Subway. Thank you for supporting Korean drama haha.

Another placement that I caught on in While You Were Sleeping is Miniso.

In the previous posts,  I went to Miniso in Seoul for Goblin, however, this time I can only go to Miniso Malaysia.( no money le) . I assumed all  Miniso branches outside South Korea will have these items too.

episode 14

This is the giant Penguin who resembles Hong Joo lol

I found the mini one ( Christmas Version)

The massage stick

This is the exact one

I don't notice this sleeping eye patch but  Jaechan is looking so cute here lol

I saw in one of the scenes, they drink the Miniso water too. It was not available at the branch that I want.

Year End Award prediction :
I do hope Lee Jong Suk and Suzy gets the best couple award. However, SBS only chose 1 winner it might be a bit hard to win. 

For Rookie Award:  Jung Hae In
Wootak will win . He is gonna be big like Bogum. I watched him in  Goblin but Wootak leaves the best impression!. I even follow his Instagram now LOL.

For KBS I have high hopes for my favourite pair. Plus KBS will choose more than 1 winners.
It is none other than the bromance couple from Good Manager / Chief Kim!

Chief Kim and Seo Yul - 2PM Junho and Nam Goong Min. Well, many predicted NGM will grab the Daesang this year. Earlier this year, they attended Happy Together and the host already asked NGM to choose which station ceremony that he will attend ( As SBS and KBS usually organize it on the same day). He will decide later he said. (well depends on the rating haha).
He was also in Fabrication / Falsify. I say he will attend both as most idol has done it before.

For rookie award: Of course, it will be our 2pm Junho ( no, I'm not biased at all haha)

I always want to attend year-end award in Seoul. Although it will be hard for a foreigner to get a ticket, at least you can still attend the red carpet event. For SBS they will organize SAF which comes with celebrity appearance, tv show booth and Kpop performance.Anyone who heads to Seoul this Chrismas, don't forget to include red carpet event in your itinerary lol. oh it is in Winter, buy a lot of heat- pack.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Running Man Thematic Experience Center in Insadong

A new Running Man Thematic Experience Center is now open in Insadong.

  • Turn yourself into the real Running Man and try out the experience based on the world famous TV show!
  • Tackle 6 experience zones, including the Running Ball, City Pursuit Battle and Maze Battle

It seems fun , as a Running Man I would like to visit this Center in future.

Location :
  • Address: B1/F, SM Duty Free Shop, HANA Building, Insadong 5-gil 41, Jongro-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 종로구 인사동5길 41 하나투어빌딩 SM명세점 지하1층)
  • Subway: line 1 Jonggak Station exit 3, turn left at the first corner and walk for 3 minutes
Good news Klook is offering 50% off the ticket entrance,  Click below:

Running Man Thematic Experience Center Ticket - Klook Travel

Kit Kat Nasi Lemak

Kit Kat Chocolatory di Midvalley menawarkan pelbagai koleksi Kit Kat fusion dengan makanan Malaysia contohnya: Kit Kat Nasi Lemak dan Kit Kat Ice Kacang.

Pada bulan Ogos yang lalu mereka juga melancarkan Kit Kat Teh Tarik ( yang sedap!) , Milo dan Durian

Kit Kat akan menukar perisa setiap 2 bulan sekali . Ini adalah perisa untuk bulan November

Perisa Nasi Lemak dan Ice kacang ada perisa yang kekal ada setiap bulan.

Jika ada sesiapa yang di luar KL yang ingat memesan coklat ini boleh email saya di

Kit Kat Nasi Lemak : Rm17
Kit Kat Ice Kacang : Rm 20 

caj pos akan dikira mengikut berat berdasarkan rate pos laju.

Pesanan juga dibuka untuk orang Singapura dan Brunei .Boleh juga dihantar melalui servis flexi pos bermula dr rm30 untuk satu kotak ( 1kg) boleh beli banyak2. / Taking order on behalf on Singaporean and Brunei too via Paypal, flexi post charge with 1 Kg box is SGD/BND 9.80
Harga Kit Kat Nasi Lemak : SGD / BND 7
Harga Kit Kat Ice Kacang  : SGD 9/ BND

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Vote Day6 in MAMA 2017

Day6 is nominated in Mama 2017 for Best Band Performance with I smile.
Day6 works so hard this year with Every Day6 project. I think it will be the best if we reward them as the winner of Best Band Performance!

You can vote daily via login to your sns. If you have 3 sns ( Facebook/ Instagram / Twitter) they can have 3 votes daily :

For Malaysian MyDay I have a tiny giveaway. I will give you Jae, Sungjin and Dowoon photo  ( from Day6 official md) . 2 winners will be chosen. Jusr screencap the " Thank you for voting page" showing the time that you vote. 4 votes/ screencap is needed to qualify for this giveaway.
Email your name and the screencaps to (subject: Day6). Winner will be chosen by "random name picker". Giveaway will end on 15 November 2017

Preview of the photos that you will receive :
You will receive 3 pcs combo of Jae+Sungjin + Dowoon

Day6 has makes us smile ( or sobbing with sad songs) through the year, now it is our turn to make them smile. U smile I smile ( eh that is Bieb's) Anyway we should burn last year Day8 mistake by Mama and let them receive the award this year! Day6 fighting!

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

AirAsia X takes off to Jeju + Entrance Ticket Giveaway (Open to everyone)

photo credit :

AirAsia X has announced Jeju as their latest destination. They will fly 4 times a week starting in December 2017. The one-way promotional fare from Kuala Lumpur to Jeju is rm199.

Guess what?  It was 3am,  I just browse FB and I saw AirAsia status.Once I opened my AirAsia apps,  I  saw this promotional price of Rm199 with only 1 seat left. I just candidly purchase it. I think there is no way I will find this promotional fare again! I bought one way ticket first because I still don't know how many days I should spend at Jeju.( priority -grab cheap ticket first!) hahah.

Rm211 is inclusive processing fee :

Later, I found another promo ticket Jeju to Seoul via Skyscanner - Rm61 only. Jyeah! -cheap ticket again! Now I can go back via Incheon airport by redeeming my Big Points.

original price is rm626 but by using points during their final call promo you can get further discounts.

Just by using 540 points, I can purchase the ticket at 114,000 Korean won  = Rm433 ( save rm193)

For hotel, I choose Agoda as they have the option to pay later and 0 cancellation fee. You can book and lock the price first before the price rising up. Furthermore, you can gain AirAsia Big points with 

Step 1: Choose and key in your AirAsia BIG id * under PointsMax programme* it is also open to other airline loyalty programme.Please refer to Agoda website for the full list.

Step 2: Please make sure that you see 2 sets of price display for the same room ( if you can't see it, the Points Max setting is switched off).  Rm123 is without Big Points but with paying extra Rm15 per night I can earn 1900 points.  As the previous screenshot, with just using 540points  you can reduce the original price and recover back the points + earn extra points.

I have not finished the itinerary yet but I am gathering Jeju information from this website :

I will not self -drive because:
1. I hate driving, I drive because I do not have any options lol
2. South Korea is Left Hand Driving country and I do not want to be stress out since I am from Right Hand Driving country.( British invaded country friends, puts your hands up! lol). An international license is required to rent a car in Jeju.

I will choose bus as it is cheaper. Useful websites for travelling in Jeju via bus:
Pocket wifi :
I will book it one week before departure and will observe which company have the cheapest rate. Either
Visondata or


2 x pair Jeju Loveland entrance ticket ( 1 pair for Malaysian,1 pair for non-Malaysian)
Each ticket worth 9000 won.
1 x T-Money ( for Malaysian only ) worth 2500 won ( 200 won inside) Please reload it before use.

I got 4 tickets for free but I do not plan to go there during my visit. Therefore, I will give it to anyone who has the interest to go to Loveland. Please read here first to know what Loveland is all about * not suitable for minor*: Jeju Love Land
/ Pastikan anda google dulu sebab taman ni kategorinya 18sx.

Terms and conditions.
1. Already owned a flight ticket to Jeju, Korea ( no matter which origin location and airline) / Sudah mempunyai tiket ke Jeju ( tidak kisah  dari lokasi mana2 pun atau syarikat penerbangan)
2.Tickets will be mail to the winner using normal postage for free. /Tiket akan dipos ke rumah pemenang secara percuma
*the cost of registered mail will be borne by the winners ( if required)./ Pemenang perlu menanggung kos postage jika ingin menggunakan servis pos express atau pos laju.
3. If there is no reply from the winner within 2 days, a new winner will be selected. / Pemenang baru akan dipilih jika pemenang tidak membalas emel selepas 2 hari.

Steps :
1. Share this blog post to any channel- FB/Google + /Twitter  ( at least 1 channel) at the botttom of this page / "Kongsi blog ini ke Fb/ Google+/ Twitter )sekurang-kurangnya satu. pilihan di bawah "page ini"
2. Fill your details in this form/ Isi borang ini :
Jeju GiveAway
4. Lucky draw will be drawn on 27 November 2017 via  "Random Name Picker" / Cabutan bertuah akan dilakukan pada 27/11/2017 melalui laman sesawang "random name picker"
5. Announcement of the winner : 28 November 2017 / pemenang akan diumumkan pada 28/11/2017
6.The winner is required to provide a screenshot of the flight ticket to Jeju. (Just for verification that you really are going to Jeju.( i just don't want this ticket to be wasted ) Pemenang dikehendaki melampirkan salinan tiket penerbangan ke Jeju supaya tiket ini diberi kepada pelancong yang benar2 akan ke Pulau Jeju.

Discount  Voucher ( one code only)
Travel 3 Sixty is starting to sell activity packages. I have rm100 off discount code with a minimum of RM600 spending. Please email me at if you want the discount code. (Subject: Travel 3 Sixty Discount code).  I will update this once anyone requests me the code. Valid for one time use only.

Browse here for the activity  Honestly, I think, it is applicable for a group of 4 or 5. You can use this to purchase Everland ,Seoul entrance tickets or any activity that worth rm600.

Anyway if you don't win you can still purchase it at the entrance or browse for special packages provided by Jeju Loveland Discount Ticket and
Everland Discount Ticket - One Day Pass
Can't wait to fly with Air Asia and exploring Jeju!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

T-Money ( South Korea Transportation Card)

T-money is a rechargeable transportation prepaid card. You can use it anywhere in South Korea, eg Seoul , Busan and Jeju.  The card cost starts from 2500 won.  You can buy this card and reload the preferred amount at the retail store eg 7-eleven , GS25 via the counter. This card can be used to pay for taxi, subway and bus. You just need to tap it at the entrance and the exit. The fare of using T-money is cheaper than cash.

You can also reload the amount ranges from 1000won to 10,000 via the reloading machine ( comes in English)at the subway. Please do note that you can also request for T-money discounted fare for teenager and children.In order to use this discount, you need to inform the 7-e/ Gs25 cashier that you are buying Teenager Card / Children . I believe you need to show their passport for verification. They will help to register the card.

Age :
0-6- free
7-12  - Children discount
13-18 - Teenager discount

Source : .visitkorea
Mode of TransportationAge groupTransportation CardCash
SubwayAdults1,250 won1,350 won
Teenagers720 won1,350 won
Children450 won450 won

If you are using android, you can download this app to check the card balance as it comes with NFC reader.

Below is my collection of T- money cards ( I got most of it for free by answering surveys from Korea Tourism). I answer the surveys from KTO office in my country and once I am in Seoul, I answer another survey( if KTO organizes an event). lol. Therefore always check your country Korea Tourism activity.

For Malaysian you can get the T-money with 2000 won reload inside by answering this survey :

You can also use T-money at 7-eleven and GS25, I usually pay for my Banana Uyu or mineral using T-money.

Refund :
If you have excess money in your T-money , you can go to any 7-eleven, GS25 for refund .  ( 500won processing fee)  . By the way, there is no expiry date for T-money card so you can keep using the same card if you go to Korea again.

Special  T-money card
You can buy your own Kpop T-money from Kpop cd store ( eg Myeondong Underground).  If you are Kpop fan don't forget to experience music show live.
Click here to experience: SBS The Show

Friday, 3 November 2017

Digi Roaming Pass

Dah lama dah  jadi pengguna Digi, walaupun pelik kat Shah Alam network edge je lol. Tiap kali pergi kelas mmg pakai wifi student lagi laju.  Tapi nasibla  tempat2 lain 4g. Yang penting bill postpaid rm50 je per month.

Yang I suka pasal Digi ialah roaming passnya  Digi ( click to go to Digi website)

Contohnya untuk Korea -
Pass 3 hari : rm25  ( so sehari sama dengan = rm8.30) . Lagi murah dr rent pocket wifi ( at least rm15 sehari. Walau pun 2GB sahaja ,ianya mmg cukup untuk pakai browse, google maps, translate,fb. Lagi pun dekat guest house / hotel pakaila free wifi yang disediakan. Kalau stay 5 hari , lepas 3 hari boleh beli lagi pass 3 hari .Walau pun kita akan rugi sehari tp bagi saya ianya masih murah.

eg pocket wifi : rm15 sehari x 5 = rm75
Roming pass 3 hari x 2 kali beli  = rm50 ( jimat rm25)

Roaming pass ni sesuai kalau travel solo , sebab kalau travel berkumpulan, pocket wifi lebih murah sebab boleh share ramai2.

Cara nak pakai :
1. Make sure follow arahan dan kena manual select network yang jadi partner digi

Kita boleh track usage dengan sms atau download apps Mydigi untuk check baki data.
MyDigi apps juga datang dengan pelbagai voucher. Contonya hari tu ada promosi rm1 untuk 500 big points. ( dapatla tambah Big points)

Boleh  download apps MyDigi :  dan boleh claim hadiah misteri.

2) 24 hour social pass : Rm5 /24 jam.
Yang ni best kalau ikut travel package, sebabnya guide dah ada so kita tak perlukan internet untuk google maps. Dengan guna pass ini kita boleh connect dengan segala social media : Whatsapp ( yang grup beribu2 dalamnya) , Line, Kakao dan browse Facebook, Twitter, Instagram selama 24 jam.
Oh ye kalau di China sepatutnya mmg FB kena block tp kalau kita pakai prepaid number sendiri mmg boleh access termasukla social pass ni ( maybe sebab number bukan dr China) jadinya tak perlukan VPN lagi.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

AirAsia onboard wifi and entertainment (AK Flights)

Wifi service only available on AK flight code

Hari tu ada nampak dekat FB post pasal servis wifi AirAsia makanya sempatla mencuba sendiri. Servis ni cuma ada untuk kod penerbangan AK. Boleh nampak sticker Rokki di pintu masuk dan tempat duduk.

1. Servis ni hanya boleh digunakan selepas pesawat berlepas / Wifi service is only available after take off.

2. Cari wifi "Rokki" / Search for Rokki wifi after you disable the phone flight mode

3) Untuk wifi boleh beli pelan yang disediakan, maaf ko ingat percuma ke?  / It is not a free wifi, you can purchase as per plan below :

4. Yang menariknya kita boleh dengar muzik atau tengok drama secara percuma melalui tab "entertainment". / The best part you can listen to music and watch drama for free under the entertainment tab.

Well it is  AA,they even sell earphones ( if you dont have it) lol
English songs list:

Kpop songs list *no songs from jyp tho :

AirAsia , please include 2pm, Got7, Day6, Wonder Girls, Twice in the list ya ?

Drama and movies :

5) Kalau rasa malas sangat nak ambil menu kat poket tu boleh browse aje / If you too lazy to take out the menu from the seat pocket, u can just browse it.

Sebab naik flight ke Singapura kejap je dah sampai takdela nak pakai sangat servis ni..Kalau dari Kuala Lumpur -Sabah mesti boleh pakai servis ini sepenuhnya.
Ak flight: Domestic flight + South East Asia , Hong Kong, Macau but still subject to availability

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Jetspree Malaysia

Kadang-kadang bila kita post gambar travel dekat Facebook , mesti ada je yang komen, selain dari komen no. 1 " Weh tak ajak ?, komen no. 2. nak pesan ? ( pesan tak kirim duit dulu plak tu lol)

Ha jangan risau ,  sekarang dah ada servis pesan barang luar negara dekat

Kalau ada teringin nak pesan apa2 barang yang tiada di Malaysia, bolehlah buat request. Contohnya:

Semua negara :
Starbucks tumbler lol

Korea Selatan :
1) Segala barang make up / cushion / mask jenama Korea
2) Cd oppa dan unnies
3) Banana Uyu

Jepun :
1) Biskut kapal
2)  Royce
3) SkII

Singapura :
1) Irvin's Salted Egg Potato Chips atau fish skin.

Australia :
Coklat Australia / Cadbury /Mars/ TimTam/ M&M yang tak dijual di Malaysia

Traveller/ pelancong yang pergi ke negara2 berkenaan akan belikan barang yang terdapat dalam senarai. Pembeli boleh letak berapa upah atau reward yang boleh mereka beri pada traveller. Terdapat handling fee dikenakan oleh jetspree pada pembeli namun jika permintaan tidak dipatuhi duit akan dipulangkan semula. Tambahan lagi kalau produk yang dikehendaki tidak boleh dibeli online.Kadang-kadang pula caj delivery/ postage  dari online website terlampau tinggi jadi boleh cuba servis ini sebagai alternatif.

Traveller : 
Jika anda ada ruang bagasi, apa salahnya sambil melancong anda juga dapat membantu orang lain .Terdapat juga upah atas servis pembelian yang diberikan.
Anda harus mengeluarkan duit sendiri dahulu untuk pembelian , bayaran serta upah akan dibayar ke dalam akaun selepas produk yang dibeli dihantar ke pihak Jetspree . Pihak Jetspree akan menghantar produk yang dibeli pada pembeli.

Berdasarkan pengalaman, saya telah terima bayaran selepas 3 hari waktu berkerja. Tambahan pula waktu ke Singapura  mmg nak beli Irvin's Salted egg tu pun. Jadinya cuma perlu perlu beli extra sahaja.

Next time boleh cuba lagi kalau ada barang yang sama dalam senarai :)

Monday, 30 October 2017

Singapore 2017 makan trip

Pergi Singapore sebab nampak gambar ni viral...terus teringin nak try Nasi Lemak Lobster dr Lawa Bintang di Tampines. Sebenarnya dari July lg nak pergi disebabkan "nasi lemak McD"

Ada dpt voucher dr Scoots (yg baru merge dengan Tiger Air) waktu diaorang buat road show di KL.

Pagi fly dengan Air Asia ( collect Big points) balik dengan Scoots.  Sebab dah check in (tak perlu print pakai e-mobile  je so spare sejam before boarding je. Hey tak boleh sekali di autogates, passport tak  boleh baca kena q plak yang manual. Dup dap dup dap walau  still sempat tp kena elakkan suspens ni so untuk ketenangan fikiran asalkan international walau dah check in kena gak 3 jam sebelum. 6am -8am mmg banyak flight so orang pun ramai.

Internet ambik dr TR : travelrecommends
Kalau key in "MATTAKL" boleh dpt rm11 sehari.Memang pergi sehari je pun.

Apps yang berguna :
1) singapore MRT - untuk panduan Mrt
2)Sg bus tracker - senang tgk lokasi bus stop dan timing bus.

Cara nak pergi Lawa Bintang :
Turun di MRT Tampines, cari Tampines Int. (Pakai apps Sg bus tracker utk tau lokasi stesen bus) Naik  bas 65 dan 67 berhenti di Safra (lepas 2 stop) .dr Safra jalan kaki 6 minit.
Pakai google map sure jumpa. Naik uber pun boleh. Tp bas berapa cent je.Stall lawa bintang dekat food court .Ini sebenarnya kawasan industri. Nasi lemak lobster :$22 . Ada juga sotong, etc tp mmg teringin lobster.Sambal best n + lobster mmg kenyang.

Nak balik ke Mrt cuma perlu naik bas stop yang bertentangan tempat turun td. Next cari Irvin's Salted egg dekat Raffles Place. Masuk Mcd lepas amik angin Sungai Singapore. dorg dah promote Samurai burger tp bila tanya dorg masih ada lagi "nasi lemak burger" Cendol flurry pun siap ada promo buy 1 free 1.(tp pergi sorg takdela amik yg free 1 tu)
Alacarte : $6 , Cendol $3 tp burger tu biasajelah ahaha sbb bnyk kata best tp maybe sebab baru makan nasi lemak yg ori so sambal burger tu tak dpt nak compete. Tp cendol mcflurry tu i suka.

Irvin's chip dtg dengan flavor fish skin atau potato chips. Masa q dah pukul 12 ( waktu rehat) tp nasib baik still org yang second last dapatla beli (itupun pek besar potato chips je yg tinggal) $16. (I tak sanggup makan fish skin pun)

Tp sekali nak balik eh ada booth kat Terminal 2 (itupun q gak) . Siap ada harga tax free lagi.
Dalam website tak tulis pun dorg ada cawangan kat Changi so bolehla beli sini kalau berminat nak cuba. Pek kecil : $7.50 , besar $15
Potato chips mmg sedap siap jadi side dish lagi makan dengan nasi (kata telur masinkan)
Bahan2 bole mkn insyaAllah.

Masa balik lalu dekat kaunter ala autogates sebab masa datang imigresen dah registerkan. Seperti di autogates, scan cap jari dan pasport.
Oh ye Line biru- Downtown Line yang diextend bar bukak 21 october so mmg berhenti tampines pakai line biru. Bau stesen masa transit dr expo pun baru dan mrt tak ramai org.